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Flow Yoga

A meditative flow of postures designed to open, release & balance. Vinyasa style, for each Asana we warm up, we do the pose then we counterpose. Each pose moves into the other in an interweaving experience of movements & rests. All levels welcome.

Hatha Yoga

This classical Hatha routine focusses on the 12 foundational postures of Yoga. Emphasizing on the importance of stability and comfort in each posture to recieve the maximum benefits from your practice.

Qi Gong

Qi translates into “lifeforce energy” & Gong defines skill, energy & work. This is a traditional, chinese medical art of self alchemy, transforming lower resonance to higher resonance (lead into gold), any one can do it, movements are comfortable & gentle done standing, seated ( on a chair), laying down or walking. Connecting to the 9star ki ( elementals, colour, sound, numerology & astrology), Qi Gong is biologically, “Feng Shui for the body, mind & spirit.

Family/Kids Yoga

Yoga & Awareness is for all ages & sizes.
Lead by example… and together explore, express & strengthen your natural flex-abilities! Call for details

Tantra Yoga

Tantra is the sacred of weaving all aspects of life together into a tapestry of love and spiritual devotion. This program introduces participants into time honoured techniques to deepen and strengthen a couples intimate connection. Re-discover your passion and desire for each other and uses this power to access more enjoyment and pleasure through the senses.

A sample program consists of
an appreciation & communication activity, A breath technique, Rishi Isometrix toning secrets, Crystal Healing energy & utilizing specific erogenous zones and acupressure points to enhance sensual enjoyment. Each workshop will have a different theme and corresponding activities.

Yoga Teacher Training

Founded by Anastasia and Christopher Love Loving Spirit School of Yoga is a blend of Modern Flow Yoga with classical Hatha Yoga training. We believe that Yoga is an evolving art that is grounded in ancient wisdom and tradition. Our intention is give you a comprehensive understanding of Yoga so that you can become  a competent and capable teacher, so that you can LIVE Yoga, LOVE Yoga and BE Yoga!