Join Anastasia Love and Kim Zaharia for an informative 6 week series Online in the comfort of your own home, video off, for Your Sacred Yoni Egg Yoga Practice

Consider this as a beautiful gift to yourself–a gift of the ‘Self’, permission to let go and be mindful as you lovingly discover the Secrets of the ancient Taoist Yoni egg practice.

This Practice is being offered to you as a modern women’s practice for self-acceptance and self-love. You’re about to discover a brilliant method that teaches you how to rebuild the connection to your inner wisdom and consciousness.

Its time you take back your power and realign your body, mind, heart and spirit connection. Break the barriers that are preventing you from being the confident, beautiful, sexy love goddess you’re meant to be!

There are many reasons one would be interested in attending a Yoni Egg class eg,
>Healing from physical or emotional trauma
>Body, Mind, Spirit consciousness.
>Shorter, lighter, less painful Moon time.
>Strengthens and tones pelvic floor muscles.
>Activate your womb as a source of manifestation.
>Increase self-love and self-care.
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We welcome you to join us, the Egg-Stacy Yoni sisters and millions of other soul sisters in the practice of Yoni Yoga!

If you have a vagina, this practice is for you. The only type of woman this isn’t for is for those who are expecting a quick fix without being able to dedicate a little effort towards creating great transformation.

Join Kim & Anastasia for a 6 week series -OnLine in the comfort of your own Private Queendom, for Your Self Love Inspired Sacred Yoni Egg Yoga Practice.

In this fun, sexy & informative Preliminary Series Anastasia & Kim Egg-ucate you to become your very own pelvic Health Egg-spert.

There is much stigma surrounding Yoni Eggs, Sex & Pleasure. Kim & Anastasia Egg-ucate you on the health & safety benefits of this 5000 year old practice, in a kind and loving way that is fun, safe and interactive.

Join us, Live Online Via Zoom
Mondays From Oct 19- Nov 23 7:30-8:30 pm
Recordings available for Egg-stacy Yoni Egg sisters for 1 week after airtime.

Your Investment towards your good Yoni health
$147+hst and shipping for preliminary course plus Certified genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg
$99+hst for 6 week preliminary series (does not include egg)

$69 Certified genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg can be purchased individually (Check in with us: your Yoni Egg-sperts, for advice about size & gem species before purchasing)

Kim’s teachings started in 2008 as an “Anusura” inspired teacher.
She has a number of certifications in many other modalities.,
After a training in 2011 in Yin yoga her focus in teaching quickly shifted. It wasn’t until 2017 that She discovered the practice with the little Green Egg, Yoni Yoga. WOW…how sexy!

The passion for the Yoni egg Yoga grew. It didn’t take long for her to realize the many layers of this practice and how it could benefit all her yoni sisters. She felt the need to share, share, share! However she was quickly discouraged with the feedback she was receiving, not realizing that the stigma surrounding sexuality was so corrupted. So she closed the egg carton and decided to keep the practice personal.

AND THEN…enters Anastasia. It became apparent very quickly that we needed to join forces and share this beautiful ancient practice that was created for women by women.

Anastasia has been teaching Flow Yoga since 1997. Her joyful, nurturing, and encouraging nature will allow you to feel included, inspired and In tune, feeding your soul exactly what you need every time!
Specializing in Chakras, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage/ Reflexology. Anastasia weaves her Tantra knowledge into her sacred offerings of Couples Tantra Playdates, Goddess Yoga and now blossoming with Yoni Egg Yoga Sisterhood.
Yoni Egg Yoga is still a new practice for Anastasia, which totally helps our new sisters feel right at home

For a more in depth video with Kim & Anastasia press here