Morning Yoga On-Line

Wake up and start your day right with online morning yoga!


This complete practice starts with a discourse and opening chant.
Then we warm up our bodies first seated and into standing.
From here we move into energy work focusing on connecting to the elements (the practice of Laya Yoga).
We then delve into Asana practice which leads to pranayama then meditation. We conclude with shavasana (final relaxation) and a closing chant.
There is no other practice like this one. Christopher Love has developed this form from his own personal experiences in yoga and energy cultivation over the past 25 years and has been teaching Online morning Yoga ONLINE for FIVE years now!!! The first week of each month we do classical Hatha training to help support our asana practice. The remainder of the month we weave the elements into our mind/body/heart and spirit cultivating balance and harmony and bringing this forth into our day!
This practice will help your Wholistic Self. You will feel more empowered calmer and present during your days by starting with online morning yoga.
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The cost for this program is $99 for a month. (20 classes @ $5 per day)
You can also pay ahead for a whole year and save only $899 for 12 months.  ( instead of $1200 per year )
Reach your potential with online morning yoga.
Regular daily practice is the key to successful outcomes in all areas of  life
  • Sleep better, Feel better, Breathe better!
  • Improve your mental & Physical health & Flexibility
  • Develop a strong Daily Spritual connection through regular discipline


1.What a beautiful way to start the day.
2.Christopher provides a calming and positive focus for my day. I think and act better due to his instruction.
3.Online Morning Yoga helps me feel balanced and energized. My overall well-being is better with this consistent practice.
4.The consistency of Online Morning Yoga has allowed me to develop a sense of discipline that I have always struggled with. No matter what else is going on in my life, I know I will always see Christopher on his mat first thing in the morning. Thank you Christopher!