Tantric Thai Massage Playdate Recording

Christopher and Anastasia Love

We’ve got your date night covered!!!

Tantric Thai massage is a fun loving way to connect sensually with your beloved. 
The Love’s will lead you and your partner on how to sensually give and receive sacred touch, so you can each experience blissful relaxation together. 
This enjoyable 90-minute downloadable video is presented in a tasteful way so that you can take it to your own level of intimacy.

Tantra is weaving spirituality and sensuality into all that you do!
Thai Massage is performed with a gentle and loving rocking motion so that the relaxation brings both the giver and receiver into a blissfull state of body/ mind /spirit.
Thai massage is also a Metta=Compassion full experience, gently guiding our time together with unconditional love. 
Anastasia and Christopher are known for assisting couples to communicate in an appreciative and sincere manner. 
No experience necessary as both the Love’s will skillfully assist you to create a sexy time with your beloved that always melts your heart into a warm blissful puddle of love !