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Long before yoga was seen as a way of keeping fit it was considered to be a sacred path towards the divine.

Yoga philosophy is meant to guide the practitioner towards higher states of consciousness.
More than just a series of physical exercises yoga is a whole life discipline that takes the practitioner from ignorance to enlightenment.
This 6 lecture Workshop series we’ll touch on some of yoga’s wisdom on many of the on the things we do everyday.
In the Yoga Way we’ll explore everything from sex drugs and rock and roll to see how they can all be used towards obtaining enlightenment.
Join Christopher love for these fascinating 1hr workshops monthly from April till November. They are offered online or in person.
Topics of discussion
  • Yoga and sex April 13th
  • Yoga and the chakras May 4th 
  • Yoga and meditation  June 8th 
  • Yoga and drugs September 7th 
  • Yoga and breath October 5th 
  • Yoga and the Brain November 2nd 
The cost f is $11 each . Register for all 6 workshops and pay only $55.
Offer valid till April 13th.