Anastasia is a novice Yoni egg user & Kim Zaharia is 3 yrs Egg-sperienced, press this for intro video

Join Anastasia Love and Kim Zaharia for an informative 6 week series Online in the comfort of your own home, video off, for Your Sacred Yoni Egg Yoga Practice

Consider this as a beautiful gift to yourself–a gift of the ‘Self’, permission to let go and be mindful as you lovingly discover the Secrets of the ancient Taoist Yoni egg practice.

This Practice is being offered to you as a modern women’s practice for self-acceptance and self-love. You’re about to discover a brilliant method that teaches you how to rebuild the connection to your inner wisdom and consciousness.

Its time you take back your power and realign your body, mind, heart and spirit connection. Break the barriers that are preventing you from being the confident, beautiful, sexy love goddess you’re meant to be!

There are many reasons one would be interested in attending a Yoni Egg class eg,
>Healing from physical or emotional trauma
>Body, Mind, Spirit consciousness.
>Shorter, lighter, less painful Moon time.
>Strengthens and tones pelvic floor muscles.
>Activate your womb as a source of manifestation.
>Increase self-love and self-care.

Thursdays Jan 30-Mar 5 8-9pm via Zoom $67

Thursdays Jan 30- Mar 5 8-9pm via Zoom $67 plus hst
Use your own Yoni egg or Consult us before buying your Yoni Eggas we have recommendations & links <3alsoYoni Egg is optional
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