Autumn Yoga Retreat at Unicamp with The Love’s!

Harvest the Elements on the Harvest Full Moon Weekend 2023

Join Anastasia & Christopher Love at beautiful Unicamp of Ontario and connect to the elemental forces that naturally permeate our lives!

Gather in the healings color’s, sacred sounds and the holy touch that the elements provide at this time of year to boost your energy and harvest your gratitude!

Through Yoga, Meditation, Music, and Art you will discover how to align with the natural powers around us and we will show you how to harvest and store that energy for the darker days to come.

We will immerse you through Christopher’s creation of 9 Elements Yoga™ and Philosophy, allowing the Yin, Yang, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound, Space and Great Mystery infuse you with abundance and fill your cup!

The Loves are grateful to be able to share one of their family’s sacred spaces, nestled in the Niagara Escarpment alongside the Bruce trail only 40 minutes from Barrie.

They are happy to offer this affordable program for your self-care, empowerment needs & desires.

Re-charge your battery with the elements in this special place along with a consciously loving community.

The workshop price for the whole weekend is $155 Register by Sept 22cnd Plus, your price/comfort choice of lodging and food pricing (or bring your own food or don’t stay over…many options to serve you)
Attend on Saturday Only for $57.50 Register by Sept 22cnd PLUS Day/Food(opt) Pass


We recommend that you stay the whole weekend as it is hard to leave this special place and then you can have space to Retreat.

You can camp or share a dorm with other Autumn Yoga Retreat registrants or bring your own friend’s family to share with.

You can also bunk alone…your choice!

Christopher will be Cook for the weekend Yuuum! Mildly spiced Indian feast on Saturday night!!!

Your family and your dog are also welcome

Program Designed for all abilities

There is a spring fed pond to swim/paddle in.

We want you to be prepared to be outside in all types of weather so we can HARVEST THE ELEMENTS TOGETHER receiving the Abundance of nature, in all of its glory.

Reach out to to us at

Anastasia & Christopher have a combined 57 yrs experience in Yoga, Meditation & Metaphysics. Unicamp has been a Sacred space for them separately, before they even met. They got married there Summer Solstice 2009 and now The Family Love have been frequenting more regularly again since 2014 with their child Aster attending Kids camps there since she was age 7. Together they joyfully & methodically weave ancient wisdom into our modern lives with Loving Spirit and Inspiration!


FRIDAY ( arrive by opening ceremony latest!)
4pm Arrive
5:45pm Orientation(opt)
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Opening Ceremony
8pm Harvest Moon Drum & Song Circle around the Fire

7:30-8:30 Morning Yoga
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
10am Elemental Cultivation Walk
11am Yoga
12:30 Lunch
1:30pm Discourse & Guided Elemental Meditation with Crystal/Sound Healing Journey
3pm Free time/Art
6pm Dinner
7pm Elemental Share Circle
8pm Harvest Moon Dance

7:30-8:30 Morning Yoga
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:30-10am Gather belongings and sweep cabins
10am Elemental Labyrinth Walk
11am Yoga
12:30 Lunch
1:30-2pm Closing Elemental Empowerment Ceremony

Harvest Your Abundance this Autumn 2023


or reach out to us at


Unicamp of Ontario
638159 Prince of Wales Road
Mulmur ON, L9V 0C5

Form to register for you + indoor accommodations:

Form to registers for your retreat + camping:

And here is the link just to sign up for the program / day pass (good for seasonals and locals):

If anybody wants to take a bed in a dorm (as opposed to exclusive use), they should sign up for the program using the final link and get in touch with us about a single bed in a dorm.

If you wanna talk to Sasha of just leave him a an email message with your number so he can call you back.