Birthstar Mantra- Empower your Destiny

Birthstar Mantra

A Birth Star Mantra is a personal Mantra derived from the position of the stars in space at the time you were born.

According to the ancient seers for Rishi’s there was a sound that dominated.

Using this sound we create a mantra that will align you to your destiny and Empower you to overcome all the karmic obstacles that you may face.

This ancient technique is employed by many and has different names but the source of the wisdom is the same.

Your Birth Star Mantra will help you to find peace of mind to remove obstacles & attract opportunities.

You will Learn
  • Your own personal Mantra
  • Knowledge of your Birthstar  in the sky
  • An astrological profile of your Birthstar qualities
  • A meditation tool for life

No previous experience with mantra or meditation required.

Included is the very insightful Karma Astrology Reading. Using the traditional 12 sign zodiac to determine the unconscious roots of certain patterns of behavior. Get the keys to unlock the past and open the future.

For your personal Birth Star Mantra initiation contact Christopher Love at

The cost is $129 for both the Birthstar Mantra and Karma Astrology reading!!!