Thai Yoga Massage/ Thai Stick Reflexology

METTA BLISS with Anastasia and Christopher!

Relaxing yet invigorating, a different kind of massage!

Thai Yoga Massage is a blissful session of gentle assisted Yoga, palming massage & energy balancing. Increase your flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems.

Thai Massage is an on the mat, clothes on Yogamasagge!

Thai Massage, is seen as a practical application of the Buddhist principle of ‘Metta’ or “loving kindness”,  a quietly effective healing of body, mind and soul.

Anastasia’s skill and knowledge will guide your body and mind to access release and relaxation.

Thai stick reflexology will take you to a new level of relaxation.

This blissful foot massage will release deep held tension and give you a profound sense of well being.


“I just experienced a Thai Yoga Massage with Anastasia it was very relaxing but also very invigorating. As always Anastasia was very welcoming and gracious. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout the process. Anastasia is very gentle and comforting Spirit which greatly contributes to a complete feeling of relaxation. I am feeling wonderful and I know that this will evolve into more wonderful results in the coming days, thank you Anastasia. “from Luana Harrison

                 Thai Massage with Anastasia and/or Christopher Love

$129~ Full 2 hour session,

$193~ Tandem Massage ( 2 recipients together with 2 masseurs )

4Pack: Buy3 get 1 Free $389                                          

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