What we Teach

We offer a variety of Yoga styles and classes. Find the one that is right for you. We teach all skill levels

Witchy Yoga

Get more magic into your life with Witchy Yoga. Combining the graceful movements of Flow yoga with the elements of natural magic to create an enchanting experience. Let the Mystery and Magic into your life, learn how to cast a spell and so much more.

Hatha Yoga

This classical Hatha routine focusses on the 12 foundational postures of Yoga. Emphasizing on the importance of stability and comfort in each posture to receive the maximum benefits from your practice.

Online Morning Yoga

This truly unique class blends element based energy work with asana, pranayama and meditation. This wholistic practice benefits mind, body and spirit. The resulting effects will leave you focused, balanced and ready to have a great day. All skill levels are welcome.

Yoga Teacher Training

Founded by Anastasia and Christopher Love Loving Spirit School of Yoga is a blend of Modern Flow Yoga with classical Hatha Yoga training. We believe that Yoga is an evolving art that is grounded in ancient wisdom and tradition. Our intention is give you a comprehensive understanding of Yoga so that you can become  a competent and capable teacher, so that you can LIVE Yoga, LOVE Yoga and BE Yoga!