Crystal Healing Journeys

 Experience the ancient crystal healing medicine method of laying crystals & stones on your body in a supportive atmosphere to receive messages and access the voices of your soul!
Transform your old patterns and celebrate the New YOU!!!!
Crystal healing is a journey that utilizes the natural power of crystals to create a space where one can consciously access the unconscious mind. 

Anastasia uses her experience and intuition as she chooses and places the crystals and stones on your body.
The different energies aid to help you unlock some of your obstacles.

It is like an active healing meditation with Anastasia guiding you using her powerful crystals.

In this way, one can discover and find their own way to transform these patterns at a subconscious level.

Through the process, Anastasia helps you to create and define your own maintenance plan to achieve your wellness desires.
Anastasia is ready to welcome you into her healing room to help you begin your journey
                  Contact her:                    or call/text Anastasia 705-817-7123
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