anastasia-loveAnastasia Love

Anastasia Love followed her dream to become a yoga teacher and it has been her career for over 20 years. Certified in Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong & in advanced Crystal Healing Arts, She skillfully guides each class blending movement, energy and meditation into a complete full body & soul satisfying experience. Anastasia’s warm and enthusiastic nature will inspire you to go beyond what you thought possible.

Her teachers include Kaila Kukla Originator of Flow Yoga, Ken Scott Nateshvar, personal Yogi to Woody Harrelson & Yogi to the stars, creator of Contact Yoga & Danskinetics, and Crystal Master Margherita Vondrak, among many others.


is a meditative journey of asanas, mudras and pranams designed to Open Release & Balance your whole being. A Tantric Kundalini Flow is awakened within & Asanas are woven together with warm up~pose~counterpose as we elevate, uplift & inspire our energy centres leaving us in a space of Samadhi=BLISS!!!



christopher-loveChristopher Love

Christopher Love has spent half his life studying and practicing the art and Science of Yoga. He completed his Yoga teacher training at the Sivananda ashram in Tamil Nadu, India. Christopher’s traditional approach encourages deep relaxation and helps to promote wellness in both body and mind. His depth of understanding on the subject of Yoga will assist you in going further with your practice. Christopher also underwent a powerful shamanic journey over two years of continuos spiritual training (24hrs a day 7 days a weeks)  guided by a Native Canadian medicine man. This experience tranformed his awareness and opened up his understanding of what it means to be a real human being.

Hatha Yoga

This classical Hatha routine focusses on the 12 foundational postures of Yoga. Emphasizing on the importance of stability and comfort in each posture to recieve the maximum benefits from your practice. All postures are performed with a meditative attitude to bring students fully into present moment awareness. Hatha yoga also emphisizes pranayama or breath control exercises to cleanses body and mind as well as sharpen the powers of concentration.

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