Here is what others have had to say about us…

“Every time I show up on the mat, every morning, I feel like a better person, stronger both on the inside and physically. I am so thankful and honoured to have discovered Chris’s One Month Intensives, as the time of day allows me to practice before the hustle and bustle of my world begins, in quiet solitude away from the noise and stresses of everyday life, and allows me the strength I need to take on the day ahead.
Chris’s style of teaching is positive and full of love, skilled and comforting; he is there to gently encourage you and catch you when you fall (literally and figuratively). I cannot say enough good things about this particular traditional early morning practice, there is something very significant about starting the day this way, best wake up call for anybody’s life.”
~ Namaste Rachel ( a repeat Yoga Intensive Student)

“I have been a yoga student of Anastasia’s for many years now. She brings her passion for yoga and love of sharing her knowledge and herself to every single class. I recently participated in the Love Yourself, Love the World program with my teenage daughter. Not only did I get to share my love of yoga with my daughter, we also had many wonderful conversations inspired by this program. I would recommend this program to anyone including teenage girls. It was an amazing experience.” ~Testimonial on Love Yourself ~ Love The World ~ Thank you Rebecca 

“Yoga is a way of life which will benefit anyone with a desire to embrace it provided they practice it regularly. Christopher’s one month intensive has been the key for me. It has established a foundation and enabled me to develop and maintain my own practice. I once felt lost and disconnected. Now I am connecting to my true Self and knowing my connection to all living beings.” ~Chris Evans now a certified yoga teacher has this to say about the program
“Thank you to you(Anastasia) and Christopher for a wonderful and powerful workshop today. It was a memorable experience and one I doubt I will ever forget. Thank you for the opportunity to deepen my meditation practice and for providing a powerful tool that I will use on my daily path.” –Testimonial from last Japa Initiation & Mala making workshop!

“I really didn’t have expectations of this event other than I knew it would be a way for my husband and I to reconnect. With being parents of two very young children it is so easy to allow ourselves to get wrapped up in everything that needs to get done and to forget about what we need as a couple. We have tried many other things to reconnect like simply going out to a restaurant for a meal together or other typical ‘date night’ events. These typical date night events do not appeal to us nor did they ever bring us closer together as a couple as the Tantra Playdate did. My husband and I truly connected and remembered what it was like to be in love with each other. And we found it such an incredible way to simply be us again. What you and Chris shared is truly a gift.” from Couples Tantra Playdates…Thanks Kirsten

 Stress Free Holidays yoga is the kindest thing i have done for myself in a long time.  I am much calmer during my stress filled days at work.  I like the tips – very helpful.  I have always enjoyed your yoga classes but this time I seem more open to it, even though my body is very stiff as I haven’t been doing yoga for a long time.  The class reminds me that my body would love daily yoga, even though my mind often tells me i need more sleep and i should stay in bed . Shari on our Stress Free Holiday program.
I am really looking forward to the second week of this empowerment series.  I am NOT a morning person and never have been, but every night before I go to bed I find myself looking forward to getting up in the morning.  It is a beautiful way to start the day, and almost right away I started noticing benefits that I didn’t expect.

I expected to feel fitter and to have more energy because of the physical activity every morning, but I have also noticed that I sleep much much better than I used to.  Much more soundly and I wake for the daily practice with no problem, and I have enough energy to sustain myself through the day.

I have also noticed that I am much calmer than I normally am, with much more patience.  At this time of year this feeling of calmness and ‘going with the flow’ is very welcome.  Thank you Chris and Anastasia! From Debbie a fellow Yoga Instructor

I feel so much better, the longer I meet with you in the morning for yoga. My balance is returning so strongly that I am surprising myself daily now. I am much more flexible throughout my body and most noticeably in my hips and my spine. I believe yoga has helped my knee and upper right arm heal faster and become stronger in the process. My mind feels clear and focused, my emotions are more buoyant, and my spirit is loving all that is happening to all of me.
Your teaching together is such a gift and blessing for all of us who participate. Not only the balance of male and female energies and manifestations of yoga poses, the approach that you each use adds an extra dimension to the practice. I simply love it and feel completely supported by you both.
Thank you for offering this morning yoga, I hope it continues for a long time. Blessings to you both. Namaste. ❤From Wilo wew plan to keep going as long as we can
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