Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification 2024 Barrie

Become a CERTIFIED Crystal Healer ( Beg-CHC60 )
Add a NEW MODALITY to your Wholistic Tool Belt with The Crystal Healing Arts!

Join Anastasia Love as she teaches you 5 specific layouts with 33 crystals & stones, energy work & how to orient a client before, during & after a crystal Healing session. You will learn how to use crystals and gemstones to improve your health and enrich your life and the lives of others for the good of all ❤

40 hrs in class time
10 Case Studies and Practical application
10 hrs 1 report each on the 5 layouts
60 total hours

You will learn…
~Master yourself and BEcome a Crystal Healing Practitioner!
~Explore Subtle energies. Give/Receive a Crystal Healing every session!
~Knowledge of the 5 basic Crystal healing Layouts & how to evaluate which crystals to use out of 33.
~Learn how to Ground, Centre, Clear, Release & Repair through Crystalline energy use.
~Explore/Discern/Facilitate Inter-Dimensional Travel, Energy, Chakras, Auras, Hands on Touch Therapy & Proper use of Power.
~Learn how to create healing intent & how to verbally discuss, using open ended questions, to guide your client into her/his own self realizations before/during & after your sessions.
~Self/Client Maintenance, Ethical concerns & Business advice
~Learn how to use crystals as tools and compose crystal layouts for yourself & others

( Barrie )
One Sunday per month 10am to 6ish
May 26th
June 23rd
July 28th
Aug 25th
Sept 22cnd

Presentations/ Potluck/Graduation Sun Oct 20 10-3pm

$1375 Investment
$250 Deposit to save your spot
Payment Plans available

$1125 if you pay in full before program starts

33 Crystal Tool Kit and in depth Manual Included!

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 Testimonial: This is a well rounded introduction to crystal healing, made more enjoyable by the obvious love the instructor has for the subject. The experience of giving and receiving crystal healings is very instructive and enjoyable. Simply put, I am pleased with the course and what I have learned.