Goddess Yoga ~ Kuan Yin ~ INstudio/ ONline/ Recordings

Quan Yin Goddess of Mercy and compassion

Invoke and Embody the power of Kuan Yin and 6 of her sacred wisdoms!♥

Yoginis will connect to this Goddess of Compassion, Fertility, Kindness & Mercy! ♥

Familiarize and dive deeper into her Miraculous Forms /meditate on her symbolisms/ chant and practice Asanas/Mudras that awakens your Goddess energy ♥

Each session you will be provided information on each particular Form of Kuan Yin through handouts/playlists/discussion/recordings.

Invoke the positive power of each transformational aspect of Kuan Yin within you!♥

AGENDA Includes
***Meet the Goddess
*** Goddess Share (opt)
***Goddess Yoga for All Levels
***Journey to the Goddess Relaxation
***Goddess Blessing Wave Meditation

March 2cnd ~ Introduction to Kuan Yin
March 9th ~White Robe Lady Kuan Yin
March 16th ~ Water Moon Kuan Yin
March 23rd ~Medicine Kuan Yin
~Easter weekend off~
April 6th ~ Kuan Yin of 1000 arms
April 13th~ Kuan Yin and the willow branch
April 20th~ Dragon Kuan Yin
April 27th ~ Conclusion to Kuan Yin

10-noon on Saturdays in March & April
(with Easter weekend off)
$179 for this 8 week series
$34 for a Drop-IN class ~ ( if room INstudio)
Recordings only $89.50

LIVE INstudio or ONline/ RSVP Only! Recordings available with your tuition

Register here: https://lovingspirit.ca/sacred-woman-goddess-yoga-journey/
Email lovingspirityoga@gmail.com to register

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