Breathe Stress Away!

Breathe Stress Away!

Be the change you want to see…it starts with you to BE HERE NOW!!!

Stress is everywhere! This world is evolving at such a rapid pace fast that it is very easy to be taken over by external forces. Sad but true, stress is a choice these days yet SO IS PEACE! As John Lennon spread “All we are saying is give peace a chance” and this peace begins with you…NOW! YOU can say no to stress in any given moment! YOU have the power and control over your inner being…never mind the spinning out of control world out there, Peace begins with you!

AWARENESS is your first choice! Be aware of when stress takes you over, stop, give yourself a pat on the back for being aware enough to notice that stress is taking you over, focus on your breath, then consciously choose to BE HERE NOW and ask yourself, “how can I recognize peace right now”?

Most stress has to do with grasping. Holding on to the past or holding onto fear and control of the future. Be aware that you are stressed and then ask if it is past or future stress…tune in to the moment and BE HERE NOW! In this very moment CHOOSE to take 3 deep breaths and give peace a chance, RIGHT NOW!

Here is an exercise for you

In this moment make a “body fist” by squeezing and tightening everything in your body. Is this peace? NO! Can peace be received in this state NO! Now RELAX everything and let it all hang out. Expand and Feel the flow of life expressing itself through you. Be present, count your blessings, even the little ones like the birds are singing and the sun is shining. Be grateful for good health and grateful for a roof over your head.

In Yoga we call this aspect of Yoga discipline Aparagriha, which means, Non Grasping.

It is your precious choice to grasp or surrender, let go, trust and let flow.

What do you choose right now?

This is practicing living Yoga!!! Peace is a Choice and the first choice is to BE here now…what else can you do to Be Peace now. Can you grace yourself with permission to be here now? Say NO to stress!

Anastasia Love