12 benefits gained through the One Month Yoga Intensive Program

Yoga is more than just physical exercise it is a way to unleash the full potential of the mind body organism. Through regular practice of yoga asana a practitioner is blessed with many benefits, these are not the goal of Yoga but rather side benefits. The true aim and goal is that of inner peace and divine communion known as “Self –Realization”.

There are many paths that lead to the divine destination, Yoga is one. No matter what faith our spiritual background a practitioner has regular practice of Hatha Yoga Postures will aid in the capacity of the aspirant toward the goal while also bringing benefit to the whole life. Traditionally the best time for Yoga is Early morning near sunrise, as this time of day is both calm and energizing, and it tunes one to the natural Rhythm of life.

The following 12 benefits are only some of the amazing gifts that cultivating a regular morning Yoga practice brings

1. Positive new habit to start day- Move the body, connect to breath, calm the mind, then start your day prepared for what will come.

2. Health for body and mind- The result of the physical postures and breath exercises has a calming effect on the mind, and a greater sense of peace and contentment.

3. Improved Flexibility-Good Flexibility can help prevent injury, reduce strain on the joints and allow for more graceful movement..

4. Increased vitality- Regular practice of Yoga will increase your pranna or vital life force energy ,making you feel more energy and enthusiasm .

5. Improved strength- Yoga strengthens and tones all of the muscles and connective tissues of the body.

6. Greater endurance- Get more done without feeling tired .

7. Calm the mind- Feel clear and refreshed in the mind enabling you to plot the course of each day easily and effectively.

8. Reduce stress – yoga promotes the production and retention of the stress relieving neuorchemicals of the brain naturally assisting you in staying calm, even in the storms of life.

9. Knowledge of the science of Yoga- Experience the best and most profound teacher and regular practice is the best way to gain experience.

10. Sleep better- Regular practice of yoga asana will help you sleep better.

11. Solid foundations in Yoga- Practice makes perfect, the more you practice the better you will get.

12. Become more productive- With a healthy body and happy mind you can do more things productively and joyfully.

This Autumn at Balanced Body Studio you have the opportunity to start this practice for yourself with the Loving Spirit One Month Yoga Intensive. We call it an Intensive because intensity is required for great things to happen. Coal can only become a diamond through the intensity of pressure from the earth. You can only become the Yogi you are meant to be through intensity of practice.

Join now to find out what you are made of.

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