Yoga Enrichment Program

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The True purpose of Yoga is to transcend the mundane world while we are alive so we are completely ready for what comes after death.This is also known as enlightenment. Take a deep dive into yoga practice will introduce you to the knowledge you need to live your life here and now while being prepared for the here after.

Yoga guides you to become more fine-tuned to your spiritual and energetic body and know how to use them before AND after death. Christopher will share advanced breath techniques (cobra breath) he learnt from holy men in India and Nepal which is unlike anything you will find.

You will understand how to deal with your own traumas and use them as spring boards for personal development. These teachings help you understand Karma and how to work with this Cosmic Law for your highest good.

Meditation is key to all advanced Yoga practice and we will develop the skills necessary to meditate for one hour with ease.

The practice will constitute regular participation in online morning yoga every weekday Mon-Fri 6:30-7:30am ( or receive a weekly recording every Monday)

Weekly we will meet on Sundays 9-noon for a 1hr discourse/lesson, 1 hr Yoga session, then practical application of deeper areas of our yoga practice. (sorta like a mini retreat at the end/beginning of every week!)


This is not a course for beginners and it is recommended that you have at least a years worth of regular yoga experience prior to beginning the program.


Basic Outline:

January 9 Introduction and purpose and outline of course

January 16 The Yogic Process of Enlightenment.

January 23 Karma & Trauma Challenges

January 30 Chakras, Kundalini and preparing for post life experience

February 6 Cultivating compassion

February 13 Overcoming Karmic Obstacles through meditation

February 20 The Art of Being and how to live an enlightened life

February 27 Final Practice Meditation of strong determination


You will recieve:

~3 Months Online Morning Yoga: Live Online 6:30-7:30am ~ Mon-Fri or A Weekly Routine Recording sent to your email.

~Karma Astrology forecast and your Birth Star mantra.

~ Private 1hr ~ One on One: Support after the trauma focused class.

~8 Sunday DeepDive Mini Yoga Retreats, 9-noon, Jan 9-Feb 27 2022 ( recording available if you miss a day)

~ You will be awarded a Loving Spirit School Of Yoga Continuing Ed 100hr Meditation Certification

~ Community support & Connection on our What’s App Social Circle


Cost of the program is $899 (Payment plans available with $149 down)

Early Bird by Jan 1 2022 $749

Repeat participants are half price.

Testimonials from previous participants ……
“Helping to manage anxiety. Also helped me get back into a regular practice.” C.C.

“This Cobra Breath has helped me greatly.” A.C.

” I would recommend this program to all of my fellow Yoga teachers. This was an amazing opportunity to dive deeper into my Yoga. After 20 years of practice, I have acquired new breathwork techniques and deeper knowledge of the bandas.” D.G.

“After being a Yoga Teacher for 25yrs I thought I knew it all….NOT! We don’t know when we’re going to die but now I feel prepared. I know how to dissipate my elements and pull my soul cord consciously when the time comes. I also accomplished a whole 1 hour meditation, something I NEVER thought I could do! This deepened and broadened my Yoga practice in soo many ways! I loved that there was some Rainbow Warrior Magic included as now I feel I have made a difference for the whole planet! I will be repeating this program in order to enhance the Rainbow Warrior within.” A.G.