Goddess Yoga ~ Cerridwen’s Wheel of Transformation~ INstudio/ ONline/ Recordings

Invoke and Embody the power of Celtic Welsch Transformational Goddess Cerridwen, White Lady of Magic & Mystery, The Cauldron Goddess.

Journey through Cerridwen’s wheel of Transformation & her 9 aspects /meditate on her symbolisms/ chant her songs/ themed Asanas and suggested rituals that awakens your Goddess energy ♥

Each session you will be provided information on particular aspects of Goddess Cerridwen’s Wheel of Transformation through Original handouts/playlists/discussion/suggested rituals.

AGENDA Includes
***Meet the Goddess
*** Goddess Share (opt)
***Goddess Yoga for All Levels
***Journey to the Goddess Relaxation
***Goddess Blessing Wave Meditation

Oct 21st~ CERRIDWEN INITIATRIX-CYCHWYN: /Transformation/Transmigration/Constancy/Cauldron/ Transform Fear

Oct 28th~ CERRIDWEN OF AIR-AWYR: Inspiration/Intuition/Clarity/Feather/ Transform Unawareness

Nov 4~ CERRIDWEN OF HEALING- SWYNRAIG: Healing of Body, Mind & Soul/Compassion/Sickle/Transform Guilt

Nov 11th ~CERRIDWEN OF FIRE-TAN: Renewal/Rebirth/Courage/Flame/Transform Resistance

Nov 18th ~ CERRIDWEN OF LOVE-CALON O GARIAD: Love is Law/Care/Dark Mirror/ Transform Disempowerment

Nov 25th ~CERRIDWEN OF WATER- DWR: Emotions Cleared/Consideration/Wave/Transform Grief

Dec 2cnd~ CERRIDWEN CREATRIX: Cauldron born of the Awen/ Wheatsheaf/Co-creation/ Transform Unconsciousness

Dec 9th~ CERRIDWEN OF EARTH-ARDD: Rooted Connection/Standing Stone/ Connection/Transform Worth

Dec 16th CERRIDWEN OF CENTRE- DUWIES: Magic & Mystery/Unknown/Labyrinth/Co-operation/Transform Shadow-Self

10-noon on Saturdays in Oct/Nov/Dec
$199 for this 9week series
$34 for a Drop-IN class (only if room INstudio)
Recordings ONLY $89.50
LIVE INstudio or ONLine/ RSVP Only! Recordings included

Register here: https://lovingspirit.ca/sacred-woman-goddess-yoga-journey/
Email lovingspirityoga@gmail.com to register

Anastasia was ordained as a Priestess of Cerridwen in Sept 2022 in Wales at Our lady of magic & Mystery’s Sacred Lake Bala. With this accreditation Anastasia has Celtic magic passed down to her and she specializes in creating her own rituals for Rite of Passage, Specialized Ceremonies and magic for the good of all. As well as death doula, Sacred Listening, Good Counsel, Goddess Embodiment, Wedding/Funeral celebrant. She shares her love and knowledge of this herb/crystal and tree goddess with passion and experience!

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